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Cuchillería San Gil

Cuchillería San Gil, the third generation of grinders in Zaragoza

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about us

Our entire lives dedicated to this business. Cuchillería San Gil is the third generation of grinders in Zaragoza. We are specialists in sharpening and all types of knives, penknives, scissors, and pliers. Come to visit us! We have unique pieces for collectors.

We are a family business located in the same street ever since 1950. We have our own professional sharpening repair shop where we mix traditional sharpening techniques with today’s technology. We also perform engravings.

At Cuchillería San Gil, you will find all types of cutlery items such as kitchen and sportive knives, as well as unique collection pieces. We also have all types of penknives and pliers.

We work with different top quality brands like Exposito, Wüsthof, Zwilling, Kai, Muela, or Spyderco, among many others. We provide wholesale pieces for hostelry. In addition, we put at your disposal a wide variety of stock products for incredible prices. Come to visit us! We will be glad to count you among us.

In addition to knives and penknives, at Cuchillería San Gil you will find high quality equipment for hostelry. Besides knives for bars and restaurants, we have gardening scissors, shaving products such as penknives and top quality brushes. We also have hairdressing items such as hair machines for professional haircuts for animals and people.

Here you will also find ham cutters sets that will delight your palate.

Come to visit an establishment with history where we will be glad to assess you and count you among us.

If you want to keep updated about us, visit our Facebook page.

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Calle Casto Méndez Núñez, 24 Local 50003 Zaragoza
Calle Casto Méndez Núñez, 24 Local 50003 Zaragoza
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